(Crazy) Mike Lynch, Owner/Operator since 1995.

(Crazy) Mike Lynch, Owner/Operator since 1995.



    Ermanno’s Pizza started with the concept of family and that concept still remains today. 

    We have been family owned and operated for over 40 years. We strive on making each person who walks through our doors feel like part of our family. Good Old fashioned service is not forgotten at Ermanno's.

    We  want to give you and your family the finest, tastiest and healthiest pizza and we go to great lengths to ensure this. A lot of fast-food pizza places claim "dough made fresh daily". So what? Great tasting dough requires time to develop a "complex" taste. Like beer or even good wine - time is needed so the yeast can ferment and impart "character" to the dough

    Our carefully-managed dough is made fresh daily and then rests until it's perfectly balanced to create that slightly chewy Italian peasant crust. Only the finest cheeses, sauce and ingredients are used to create our recipe - no corners can be cut or we'd simply be another pizza place.

    We use a unique triple blend of  mozzarella, provolone and muenster cheese, our sauce is a traditional blend of fresh red-ripe tomatoes, extra-virgin olive oil, garlic and herbs, each pizza is brushed with 

    Is all this work a pain in the butt? Yeah. But our customers absolutely “rave” about our crust---so we don’t want to let them down. Is it the best crust in town? We think it is. But we know this for sure---it tastes better than that frozen “chain store” crust with the cardboard taste.

     Being as we are a family-focused pizzeria, we have strive to offer family-friendly prices, as well as something for everyone. 

We have fresh salads, hand-breaded chicken and Buffalo wings. Have the munchies? Try our hand-breaded chicken fingers or zesty quesadilla rolls, mozzarella cheese sticks, hand-sliced french fries or jo jo's. We have a variety of sandwiches and pitas. Ask our loyal customers about THE FAMOUS ERMANNO’S SUB. It's a bit of a legacy around town. 

The list is endless and if it’s not on our menu, but we have the ingredients, we’ll cook it up for you. Please let us know any special needs you may have. After all, our kitchen is your kitchen.

Now Quit licking your lips and grab the phone---Right Now! 


The Crazy Mike Guarantee 

If you should ever be disappointed, if we should fail you in any way or let you down for any reason - please let us know. If we can't make it right - we'll give you your money back - every penny.